Infrared Paint Drying Lamps

IR-B01 Paint Curing Lamps

Ideal for those much smaller, simpler and straightforward body shop drying tasks, the IR-B01 is our simplest entry level product at Brinklake.

Whether it’s a small section of a bumper, a bonnet, or another part of the vehicle you’re working on, only a small paint curing lamp will be needed. With an operating size of 400mm x 300mm – the IR-B01 would be perfect in this instance.

Ensuring that you have the right sized dryer for the job at hand will maximise your output and enhance productivity. For example, instead of using a larger sized dryer for small paint jobs, utilise an appropriate sized dryer for the job at hand. This will free up larger dryers for those bigger tasks.

Easily Adjustable

As with all of our paint curing lamps from Brinklake, the IR-B01 is easily movable and adjustable. This means that those hard-to-reach areas such as roofs or the tops of bonnets can be dried with minimal effort and fuss. Simply adjust the stand to the appropriate height and position the lamp to the area of wet paint, and you’re ready to start drying.

Of course, in some cases, paint jobs are needed for the most awkward parts of any vehicle. So, in addition to being used with a stand, the IR-B01 comes with the option of being used hand-held. This will enhance accuracy, as you can get the dryer closer to the affected area – making jobs completely hassle-free.

With a footprint of just 520 x 500 x 1550mm, this lamp can be easily stored away within any bodyshop, taking up very minimal room.

Our Paint Curing Lamps Provides an Efficient Drying Process

The IR-B01, along with all of our other paint curing lights at Brinklake, include two-stage drying options – continuous and flashing. Not only does this speed up the entire process, it also ensures that paint drying is thorough and aesthetically pleasing, with no streaks or irregular patterns. These lamps also use an energy saving 500 watt bulb, helping to save money on your energy bills, and further enhancing cost-efficiency.

Key Features of the IR-B01

Brinklake IR-B01 Infrared Paint Drying Lamps information PDF
  • shortest drying times
  • energy saving 230 V/50 Hz, 500 Watt
  • two-stage drying (Flashlight / Continuous)
  • easy moving due to rollers
  • detachable emitter panel
  • drying area: ca. 400 x 300 mm
  • frame dimensions: (W x L x H) 700 x 580 x1550 mm
  • Option: protection cover
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